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Real World Hypnosis – David Snyder Download. If you are finally ready to tap into the unlimited power of your mind then keep reading because this could be …


David-Snyder-Real-World-Hypnosis Real World Hypnosis - David SnyderIf you are finally ready to tap into the unlimited power of your mind then keep reading because this could be the most important letter you read this year. or quite possibly in your entire life!

Real World Hypnosis by David Snyder,
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Give Me Just 5 Days and I Show You EXACTLY How To Program The Subconscious Mind Using The Power of Cutting Edge Hypnosis Skills To Automatically Change Peoples Beliefs, Attitudes and Behaviors In just Minutes?

In This 5 Day Hypnotherapy Certification You’ll Learn The Precise Methods and Proven Neuro-Hypnotic Secrets of Instant and Rapid Transformation Most Hypnotherapists Will NEVER Know…

Hypnosis has been proven over and over again to be, by far, the easiest fastest and most direct way to

  • overcome limiting beliefs,
  • gain more confidence,
  • remove unwanted habits and behaviors
  • and ultimately program your mind for attract whatever it is you most want to achieve.

If you are finally ready to tap into the unlimited power of your mind then keep reading because this could be the most important letter you read this year. or quite possibly in your entire life!

So Let Me Ask You This…

  • What would it be like to have almost complete control over your own mind and body.
  • To Be Able To Systematically Find And Remove Limiting Beliefs In Yourself and Others
  • To Gain The Powerful Ability To Hypnotically Persuade Anyone You Meet To Do What Ever You Wanted Them To… With or Without Them Knowing
  • To Rapidly and Consistently Reduce, Remove and Alleviate Any Form of Physical or Emotional Pain
  • To Free People From Past Traumas, Fears and Phobias, Social Anxiety or Even Addictions to Smoking, Drinking and Drugs?
  • Would You Like to use your hypnosis skills to create the life you have always wanted and help other people at the same time?
  • Make More Money, Help More People, and Improve Your Relationships and Transform your life.

What if all this and more were easily possible for you once you understood and used the power of hypnosis. Hypnosis is the ability to tap into the power of the unconscious mind to easily, naturally and rapidly create powerful changes that allow you to live the life you’ve always wanted by removing blocks to your success, eliminating fear and acquiring new skills and confidence that magnetizes success into your life.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are proven, consistent and reliable tools for healing, improving and changing lives since the before the early 1950’s and as a therapy have consistently outperformed any other mind body discipline for creating rapid and powerful physical and mental changes.

…And Now You Can Learn This Powerful Skill and Ability For Yourself to Use On Yourself or To Create A Fantastic New Career Helping Others Through The Power of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy


What Will You Do After You Understand EXACTLY How To..

  • Hypnotize People Without Fear of Failure
  • Hypnotize Even The Most Resistant Clients Easier
  • Hypnotize People With or Without Their Knowledge
  • Quickly Hypnotize People Who Say and Believe They Can’t Be Hypnotized
  • Bypass or Remove Any and All Resistance To Your Influence FAST
  • Make Sure Your Hypnosis Always Works
  • Make People Want To Change and Follow Your Suggestions
  • Hypnotize Anyone Completely Ethically and Honestly,
  • Hypnotize People In Writing, Over The Phone, Even While Texting
  • Use Hypnosis To Improve Your Relationships, Sex Life, Etc.
  • Hypnotize Groups of People As Easily As One Person.
  • Create Instant and Rapid Hypnotic Inductions On The Fly That Really Work
  • Have More Confidence In Your Ability To Hypnotize
  • Make More Money Using Your Hypnosis Skills
  • Get More Hypnosis Clients Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible
  • Become Known as The Leading Hypnosis Expert In Your Area
  • Build Your Hypnosis Practice Into a Six Figure Business
  • Handle Even The Toughest Hypnosis Cases With Absolute Confidence

Help People To :

  • Eliminate Fears, Phobias, Public Speaking, Shyness, and Anxiety etc.
  • Control and Remove Pain,
  • Change Bad Habits, – Lose Weight, Quit Smoking, Nail Biting, etc.
  • Destroy Limiting Beliefs,
  • Remove Inhibitions
  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Sell More Effectively In Person, Over The Phone, or In Writing
  • Enhance Performance for Sports, The Arts, or Even In The Bedroom?

Even Dramatically Change A Persons Personality Or

… Even Create A New One? 

Why This Program Is Different From Any Other Hypnosis Training Program…

I’ve spent my life studying and exploring the fields of mind/body Healing, Self-Improvement, Personal Evolution and Change. For The Express Purpose of


I had almost no altruistic desires for doing hypnosis at all. My Hunger For Knowledge Was and Is Truly Insatiable. And I Only wanted these Skills to for the express purpose of Making My Life, Better Easier and To be Completely Unstoppable In Every Are Of Life. My search led me through many disciplines, different schools of hypnosis, neuro sciences, NLP, obscure mind/body disciplines and even martial arts forms that no one has ever heard of.

I waded and sifted through Decades of research and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars seeking out, testing and refining newer and better methods for creating fast, powerful and permanent results using hypnosis and other mind body technologies.

Then One day in 2005 I made a powerful set of connections that would forever change the way I looked at hypnosis, the mind and ultimately the world itself. The Principle Was An Obscure Reference In A Very Hard To Read Book Called The Law of Analogy” and when I finally understood it, My years of nlp training combined with it and the world unfolded for me like huge zip file. I began to really understand mental dynamics, psychosocial dynamics and more.

Since then I’ve continued to research and study but I’ve also produced a lot of materials on how the mind works, social dynamics, persuasion and influence.

In fact, within certain circles I am highly regarded by many as a Master of Covert and Conversational Hypnosis. I’ve written and produced courses under the pen names of David Van Arrick, David X. and “The Master” just to name a few. You can Even Google Me Later if you really want to.

But For Right Now… Pay Attention Because…

I am stepping out from behind the scenes to tell you about some incredible breakthroughs in hypnosis and mental training. These breakthrough discoveries in hypnosis, hypnotherapy and Mind Training Can Rapidly Give You a Quantum Leap in Your Ability to Hypnotize Anyone for Any Reason…. Using Covert, Overt Methods and Conversational Hypnosis Methods.

Now keep in mind, what I am going to describe to you in the next few moments may sound like magic, hocus pocus, snake oil, B.S. maybe even hypnotic heresy.

I completely understand.

The Hypnosis And Personal Development Industry is full of fakes, charlatans and cheats, and you have every right to be skeptical, heck I do this for a living and I Am Still skeptical. Being a Skeptic Keeps You Honest and Safe. But the simple truth is that you can’t search for gold without sifting through some dirt. But if you keep at it long enough… every now and then you find a vein of pure shining gold, and when you find it, be sure you grab it before someone else does.(and they will)

Now… In all honesty, everything I am about to tell you is easily verifiable in one way or another.

I’m even going to say some things that may make me unpopular with the orthodox hypnosis community.

I don’t care.

Some things have to be said.

In fact, some of it may even shock or anger the “less secure” egos out there.

But You May Be Wondering (then again you may not)

Who Am I To Be Telling You Anything?

For The Sake of Space I will Keep My Bio Short, After all this letter is about you, your wants, your desires and dreams and what You can finally get from what I am about to share with you. Keep that in mind as we continue together.

My Name is David Snyder, aka David Van Arrick, David X, “the Master” Etc.

I am considered by many to be a world recognized expert in the field of Applied Covert and Conversational Hypnosis Skills. I am also a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist in The State of California, with Master’s Degree in and National Certification As A Diplomate of Oriental Medicine.(NCCAOM)

I also run a busy hypnotherapy clinic in Solana Beach California where I specialize in Helping people recover from illness that is caused by repressed emotional issues. OCD, PTSD, Molestation Issues, Chronic pain, etc.

I currently run the Largest and Highest Rated FREE Hypnosis and NLP Practice Groups in California and for several years I was The President of the Largest World Wide Network of NLP and Hypnosis Practice Groups in the World.

My hypnosis practice in San Diego Specializes in Emotionally Induced Illness. And that’s Just the Beginning. In the past decade, I’ve created Some of The Most Revolutionary and Effective Hypnosis Systems and training methods for Turning Beginners into Experts Fast That Exist.

Programs and Courses Such As My:

  • S.T.E.A.L.T.H. Conversational Hypnosis Crash Course,
  • CPI-Conversational Persuasion and Influence System and Of Course;
  • “Killer Influence: Secrets of Covert Hypnosis”

Have Quickly Become Rare and Treasured Classics in the Fields of Covert Hypnosis, Covert Persuasion and Conversational Hypnosis.


Because These Methods Get Results That Are,

  • FAST
  • EASY

and they have been “Stringently Field Tested”, In fact the method I am going to be sharing with you in this letter, just like my earlier programs is already being dubbed as “The Simplest, Easiest and Most Powerful Way to Hypnotize Someone without Them knowing it Ever Devised.”

But Don’t Just Take My Word for That..

I Can’t Tell You That With a Straight Face.

The F.T.C. also says I have to tell you the truth, and the truth is that that I’ve yet to see any of my students learn and use these Methods And NOT have astounding results and take quantum leaps in their ability to hypnotize people for any reason, both in and out of the treatment room. When they “apply” the principles and techniques we teach… the way we teach them.

Before we get into what I have to share with you I have a confession to make. Once Upon A Time...

I Used To Really Suck At Hypnosis…

No, Really, I was fascinated by hypnosis, and really wanted to be a great hypnotist.

I read book after book,

Ordered One Cheesy Home Study Course after another( you know the kind they used to advertise in the back of comic books and stuff) And of course, each one kept promising to teach me the hypnosis secrets only the “masters” knew… and every one of them with very little exception kept teaching me…

The Same Things Over and Over Again.

The worst part was of course. Most of it was stuff I didn’t really want to learn about, and Most of It… Did NOT Work For Me

The advertising and sales copy were for those courses was awesome, (copywriters know more about hypnotizing people in writing than just about any non-fiction writer on the planet.) they sucked me in hook line and sinker. That should have been my first clue about what really worked and what didn’t)

But when you are just starting out. You are fair game for any unethical or non-standard approach to hypnotic influence.

Plus, many times, if you are anything Like Me at the time, a person’s head can be so full of all the wrong ideas about what Is and is Not Hypnosis, that they probably wouldn’t recognize real hypnosis if it BONKED you over the head and then introduced itself.

Ugly, But True, and it’s the first lesson I teach all of my covert and conversational hypnosis students.

“Anything Outside of Your Awareness
is Outside of Your Control”

You will quickly learn about that too. But to get back to what I was saying. I was so bad at hypnosis.

I Couldn’t Even Hypnotize Myself. How sad is that?

In my early days I was mostly “self-taught” 

Being Self-Taught is NOT the Best Way to Learn Hypnosis.

Most of the time I would always be wondering if I was actually in a trance or not. Even as I kept doing the same thing over and over again, giving me suggestions and “hoping” it would work.

(Hint, hoping doesn’t work)

I was always looking for some evidence that I was really hypnotized, and never being sure it would work. (Since then I’ve learned How to Make Sure Hypnosis ALWAYS Works,) But Back then, when I was just starting out…

I Was Truly Clueless.

Have you ever wanted to be able to hypnotize someone and just didn’t know how to do It.?

Were you, or are you even afraid to try because you think it’s might somehow be wrong, unethical, and just plain too hard, or it simply won’t work for you?

Maybe you’ve even tried to hypnotize someone in the past and it just didn’t work? I feel your pain.

Now the good news is whether you have very little or no experience with hypnosis at all. Or Like Me,

You too have invested thousands of dollars in attending a hypnosis training only to get home and discover things just didn’t work like they said it should.

Maybe, like so many other hypnosis students you quickly discovered that what works in a teaching environment somehow always seems to fall way short of working out in the real world, in real situations on real people, who do not have a vested interest in going along or playing along with your process.

Let’s Cut To The Chase…

FAILING At Anything Sucks!

And when it comes to discipline like hypnosis, besides how bad failing makes you feel about yourself…or potentially looking like a fool, The
Even Harsher Reality is...

Failing To Hypnotize Someone When You Really Want, or Need To…

  • Stops You From Getting What You Want
  • Destroys Your Self Confidence
  • Makes You Doubt Your Techniques
  • Kills Your Courage to try and hypnotize someone the next time you get the chance… if you actually ever get the chance again.
  • Makes It Harder To Hypnotize Some One Else: If Others See You Fail At Hypnotizing People… They Become Harder For You To Hypnotize

“I Know How That Feels”

It’s the ugly truth most people don’t want to face. I remember the bitter frustration and disappointment I felt the first time I nervously tried to do a hypnosis induction…And I Failed

…My heart was pounding,

…I was actually sweating,

…I wasn’t sure what to do next.

…As a result…

Not only did I fail miserably…

“Everyone In The Room Laughed At Me.”

Failing to be able to hypnotize someone when you are one on one with them is bad enough. But … Failing To Successfully Hypnotize a Person In Front Of Other People

“Makes You Look a Fool and Feel Like A Fraud”

That Made Me Angrier Than Anything Else. You See The One Thing I Cherish More Than Anything Is My Integrity and My Credibility. As a hypnotist you’re Ability, Integrity and Credibility Is Everything. And that’s why…

You Want To Be Taken “Seriously” As a Hypnotist

Otherwise you lose much of your power to hypnotize people …period. At the very least you lose access to some of your most powerful hypnotic operators. You see that’s why you need to move through world exuding a confidence and energy that people respond to both consciously and unconsciously and that’s something NO hypnosis program I’ve seen will ever teach you.

But I’ll show you exactly how to develop and radiate it on command…

But there is also another reason that’s even more fundamental. You see I’ve built my entire life around my ability to keep my promises and deliver what I say I can deliver… regardless of how “outrageous” “Hype” or “over-the-top” it might sound.

  • I believe a man (or woman) should walk his or her talk.
  • Be Able And Willing To Put Your Skills and Abilities Where their Mouth Is And
  • PROVE You Can Do What You Say You Can Do.

It’s a throwback to my early martial arts training. Anytime someone would come into the school talking big. The first thing my instructor did was say.

“Let’s Get On The Mat.”

And you either walked off the mat, Or Got Carried Off. In any case, Everyone New the Truth about Your Skills.

I became the same way with hypnosis.

I literally became OBSESSED With Becoming a Master of Hypnotic Arts and Sciences. Not Just Hypnotherapy, but EVERY Form of Hypnotic Influence I could find.

I Wanted It All!

Maybe You Know What That Is Like? To Want Something So Badly That You Are Willing To Do What Ever It Takes To Make It Happen. I spent decades searching, and researching. Spent hours practicing, and well over $100,000.00 to put together the secrets and methods I’ve uncovered. To Put It Bluntly…

It Wasn’t Easy For Me.

But It Will Be Much Much Easier For You Because…

“I’ve Already Done All The Hard Work For You”

Before I found the amazing discoveries I’ll be sharing with you, I literally spent years terrified of hypnotizing anyone and not even wanting to try for fear of failing and looking like an incompetent fool. Worse yet, my success rates with clients were dismal.

I failed to get results 50% of the time. Oh, I could get them relaxed using the progressive relaxation techniques I’d been taught. But most of the time

I Couldn’t Get People to Change Using
Hypnosis Even If I’d Held a Gun to Their Head

The Simple Truth is that all my old classical trainings had never really taught me what was truly important when it comes to doing real hypnosis, covert or otherwise.

Once I made the amazing breakthroughs I’ll be revealing in Renegade Hypnosis Everything Changed… It was like someone flipped a switch.

We call it “Seeing the Matrix “and once you do…

You’ll Become An Unstoppable, Irresistible Hypnosis Machine

“Okay David So What Makes “Real World Hypnosis” So Special and Different From Other Hypnosis Trainings?”

“Real World Results”

Let’s get to the bottom line.

The world doesn’t care about theory, You Don’t Really Care about Theory.

You’re reading this because There Is Something That YOU Want, Something That You Want More Of, Or You’re NOT Getting …

Am I Right? The Bottom Line Is That Results Are The Only Thing That Matter…

You Want Results…

You’re Clients Want Results…

The World DEMANDS Results

I’ll Help YOU Make Sure You Get Results

Let me explain something. In my clinic.

  • I work with some “Heavy Duty IssuesSexual AbuseMolestation,
    RapeTraumas, PTSD, and OCD. Etc.
  • I work with repressed anger, guilt, and sadness, shame, all expressing itself as “Physical Ailments” Real physical issues arising from repressed emotional causes. ( I have some pretty interesting cases)
  • “I Work Almost Exclusively On Medical Referrals from Doctors Whose Patients AREN”T Getting Better From the Normal Course of Treatment.
  • Most of These People Want To Change, BUT Don’t Want To Face What’s Keeping Them In Misery.
  • My techniques not only have to work to clear their issues, They Also Have To Bypass Or Remove Resistance to Hypnosis…And Not just some of the time.

My Methods HAVE To Work As Close To 100%
of The Time As Possible… And They Do!

With The Methods You’ll Be Learning Here In February 21-25th, 2018,

  • 9 out of every 10 People Will Go Into trance on the first attempt – And they don’t even need to believe hypnosis will work.
  • You’ll always know how to make hypnosis work
  • You will get resolution and change for a very high percentage of clients*
  • You’ll know exactly what to say and do to melt away any resistance your client has.

*Usually in excess of 90% But the FTC does NOT allow me to claim that – Therefore – These Results May Not Be Typical For You. Those Are My Results, Yours May Vary. ( But I Sincerely, Doubt It)

You May Ask Why?

I’ll tell you right now.

Because I Am ALL About Results In The Real World

Where It Counts…

Being a Master Hypnotist Means Being Able To Use Hypnosis Any Time and Any Where for What Ever You Want!

You know there is nothing worse than investing your hard earned money in a career or discipline like hypnosis or hypnotherapy. Going through a training that you hope will properly prepare you for what you want and then when you finally graduate only to find out you it doesn’t work for you.

But I will tell you this from the bottom of my hypnotic heart.

I Guarantee This Program Will For You…
I Guarantee It or I’ll Give You Your Entire Tuition Back!

This Program Will Not Only Give You The Tools, Tactics and Techniques To Completely and Powerfully hypnotize anyone with or without their knowledge, resolve even the most stubborn issues and quickly reprogram you and/or your subjects to get whatever you want.

It WILL Work Better Than Any Approach You’ve Probably Ever Tried…

  • IF you have ever come out of a hypnosis, NLP, or other mind control training feeling like everyone else is ahead or knows more than you…

This Course Is For You.

  • If you feel nervous or Insecure when hypnotizing anyone for any reason…

This Program Will work For you

  • If you ever find yourself at a loss for words or “go blank’ while hypnotizing someone

This Method Will Work For You

  • If you consistently encounter resistance to your suggestions when hypnotizing people

This course will work for you.

  • If you have ever wanted to be master of conversational hypnosis

This Course will work for you:

  • IF are serious about becoming a hypnotherapist…

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